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  • Biomass Boiler, Royal Marine Hotel
    Category: General, Biomass

    To lower the costs of heating this Victorian building, with its high ceiling, wide corridors and large sash windows, the Royal Marine Hotel installed a 450KW Gilles wood chip boiler. Moreover, the installation of the boiler has significantly reduced their carbon footprint.

  • ESCO, Rathmines Square
    Category: General, ESCO

    Enerpower are contracted to meter monitor and bill each residential unit according to the number of kWh of energy they use. In addition Enerpower also provide maintenance of the heating system.

  • ESCO, Marlinstown Office Park
    Category: General, ESCO

    Enerpower designed installed and commissioned the heating controls for the office park.

  • District Heating JTI

    Enerpower was contracted to install 75m of DN150 Twin pre-insulated district heating pipe, which will allow the company to distribute waste heat from a CHP plant, for process and space heating functions at the plant.

  • Biomass Boiler Installation Lough Eske
    Category: General, Biomass

    In 2007, Lough Eske Castle installed a 360KW Gilles wood chip boiler to supply heat energy for the Hotel, Leisure Centre and Spa. The woodchip boiler will save the hotel €30,000 per year in heating costs and its payback period is only three years.

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