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May 5, 2017

Electric Ireland moves into residential solar market

Electric Ireland is moving into the residential solar power market, offering Irish customers the option to install solar photovoltaic panels in their homes.

It is the first time the energy supplier has offered the option to residential customers. Electric Ireland is offering packages with six panels and a custom-built app to show energy savings in real time, claiming that the average household bill will see €250 per year savings on their electricity bills.

Customers who generate more power than they need can also use the excess to heat their water, improving energy efficiency.

“As the first energy supplier to offer residential solar PV in Ireland, we are reaffirming our commitment to providing customers with quality, affordable, smart and energy efficient home solutions,” said Paul Stapleton, general manager at Electric Ireland.

“Through this offering homeowners can both enjoy the benefits of clean energy and reduced energy bills thanks to the transfer of unused power into the home’s hot water system.”

The panels will cost almost €5,000 to fit*, including an additional fee of just over €500 for a diverter if customers want to use the excess power to heat water rather than return it to the grid. 

* This article was edited 06/04/17
Ciara O'Brien

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