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About us

Enerpower is the industry leader in energy efficiency and renewable technologies, delivering high quality products and services with unparalleled sector knowledge guaranteeing you and your business energy savings.

Enerpower was founded in 2005 and is now one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies. We provide a wide range of cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for public, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic customers in both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

We offer the following products and services:

Enerpower can help you make significant cost savings by reducing your energy costs by up to 50%. This is acheived through either reducing energy usage at your site or through renewable energy technologies. While at the same time, you get the added bonus of reducing your carbon footprint. Moreover, you will be securing your energy supplies for the long term. With fossil fuel prices becoming more expensive and increases in environmental legislation, there has never been a better time to switch to a renewable energy source. Furthermore, by going green, you will project a positive image of your company.

We have superior product knowledge and expertise.  We have the financial viability, expertise, and resources to take our customer's energy objectives from concept, design and construction, to efficient utilization. 

Please visit our case studies page to view our wide portfolio of completed projects .

The Advantages of using Enerpower for your energy needs are:
•    Up to 50% reduction in energy costs
•    Reduction in CO2 emissions
•    One system meets 100% of energy requirements
•    Future proof against carbon tax
•    Secure, sustainable energy source
•    Increased energy efficiency
•    Energy price stability at a time when oil prices are rising
•    Complies with Part-L
•    Positive green image