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Electricity Savings
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Electricity Savings

Regardless of your business, reducing energy costs can have a huge impact on your margins and competitiveness. Many businesses and managers have very little time to spare to take the initial steps seeking out a better rate for their electrical use. We can do this on your behalf;

  1. We review your past invoices and identify your most attractive purchasing options.
  2. We secure bids from all the active electricity suppliers. We have achieved savings of between 5% and 13% for clients in the past.
  3. We recommend the best option for you.

Enerpower wants to make sure that you’re saving as much as you possibly can on your monthly bills. We have significant experience and expertise that will help secure immediate savings on your electricity cost. We strive to deliver the highest possible level of savings on your monthly electric bills.

Our charge for this service is very simple:

If we can secure a better rate from your existing or an alternative electricity supplier, we charge €250 OR what you save on your first billwhatever is higher . After that all the savings are yours. If we cannot get a better rate than you are currently on there is no charge.

If you are in business it makes sound commercial sense for Enerpower to take a look at your electricity costs. Why not call our team to find out more.

"We have been using Enerpower for over two years now. The staff are reliable, precise and knowledgeable. Their pricing solutions has been a major benefit to our company resulting in significant savings in our utility bills. They are excellent at what they do and we envisage a long relationship with them. Recommending Enerpower is easy because they deliver on what they promise." – Thomas Flynn – Managing Director, Thomas Flynn & Sons
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