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Wood Chip Supply
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Enerpower can sell wood pellet and woodchip fuel per ton (min. 10 tonne). However, Enerpower can be contracted to provide heat (instead of fuel).


Please contact us or fill out the form above for a quotation for supply of quality wood chip & wood pellet (min. 10 tonne). For an accurate quotation please advise Enerpower of your location and annual order size.

Enerpower deliver to all of Ireland & Northern Ireland. Once the order is place, Enerpower can have the fuel delivered to your site in about 1 week or less.

Locally Produced
The fuel is produced locally where possible. Locally produced fuel is more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t have to be transported over long distances. By using fuels produced within Ireland, we replace the need to import expensive foreign fossil fuels, improving the security of supply and contributing to national and local economy.

Caring for the Environment
Whenever possible, virgin wood fuel comes from managed forest.
Wood residues from saw mills and other wood processing facilities are even kinder to the environment because they are made from a recycled or waste product.

Considerations when purchasing fuel:
Chlorine and other contaminants such as paint and creso can cause the boiler to burn at a higher than recommend temperature, reducing the lifespan of the boiler. Other containments such as nails and metal can also damage the boiler. As a rule of thumb, the lower the moisture content of the fuel, the more efficiently it will burn, as burning water has no heat benefit. The ash content of the fuel effects how regularly the boiler needs to be cleaned.