Complete Billing Solution At Cathedral Court

Complete Billing Solution At Cathedral Court


Cathedral Court is located on New Street, in the heart of Dublin City. The ground floor of this development consists of numerous retail units. In the remaining five floors there are one hundred and four apartments.

Sustainable energy use was a priority when Cathedral Court was being designed. A highly efficient (communal) district heating system provides heat and hot water to the entire development. The system is serviced by a natural gas boiler. Enerpower procure gas from the wholesale supplier, on our client’s behalf.

Enerpower provide a complete billing solution at Cathedral Court. Enerpower take actual meter readingsand issue a bi-monthly bill to end users for the heat they have used.


The end users have commented that Enerpower’s itemised bills are more transparent and easier to understand than a previous billing agent. Customer service and billing support is provided via telephone, should the end user have any queries. Enerpower arrange cash collection, with most residents and tenants choosing to pay via Direct Debit. Enerpower provides monthly financial reconciliation reporting in the format which our client has requested.

The building owner and Management Company have the peace of mind that the billing and administration is being managed efficiently. By outsourcing this function to Enerpower they are able to concentrate on their core business.

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