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Enerpower are the industry leader in energy efficiency and renewable technologies

Renewable Energy Solutions

Enerpower are Ireland’s largest leading renewable energy company, committed to providing renewable energy to businesses.  Enerpower can help companies make significant cost savings by reducing energy costs by up to 50%. This is achieved through either reducing energy usage at the business site or through renewable energy technologies. While at the same time businesses get the added bonus of reducing their carbon footprint.

Enerpower was founded in 2005 and is now one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy efficiency companies. We deliver high-quality products and services with unparalleled sector knowledge guaranteeing you and your business energy savings. Enerpower provides a wide range of cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions for public, industrial, commercial, agricultural customers working across both Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Experts in Renewable Energy Sources

Together our team has extensive experience in industry with a proven track record in project management and bringing energy savings to businesses.  We are experts in renewable energy sources and offer a complete service of assessment, design, supply, installation, and operation of Solar PV Panels, Wind Turbines, Biomass Boilers in Ireland, Fuel Supply such as Wood Chip and Wood Pellets, District Heating, ESCO, PPA and LED Lighting.

Enerpower believes that by working together we can deliver a more accessible clean energy model that promotes a healthier more sustainable community and business.

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