Introducing the ACORN multi-fuel boiler

Burns wood, coal and turf

Enjoy heating your home for 50% cheaper

Sizes range from 10kW to 48kW

Over 90% efficient

8 hours fuel combustion

ACORN Features

Big output / compact size

Multi fuel – Burns wood, coal and turf

Sizes range from 10kW to 48kW

Easy loading – extra wide filling door fits logs up to 0.5m

One fuel load lasts over 8 hours

Irish engineered by family owned Irish company with over 50 years heating experience

Safe, robust, clean, CE approved, value for money heating option at over 90% efficiency

New Irish technology automatically maintains required temperature

Long lasting – 5 year warrenty

Value for money to suit your budget – average payback 3-5 years

Low carbon emissions and minimal ash residue makes appliance easy to clean

Best after sales services in the market

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