Wind energy is clean. Wind turbines won’t dirty the air we breathe because they don’t emit pollutants, like other energy sources, which means less smog, less acid rain and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Power plants are the largest stationary source of air pollution in the world, emitting millions of tons of sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxides and carbon dioxide each year. These pollutants are believed to be the cause of global warming. Running a single 1-MW wind turbine can displace 2,000 tons of carbon dioxide in one year, which is the equivalent to planting one square mile of forest.


Wind energy works, the technology is now well proven and reliable. A wind turbine will allow you to convert wind energy into electricity to power your site. You will also be able to sell any excess electricity for additional revenue.


Installing a wind turbine can reuduce your electricity costs by 50%.


Enerpower offers a wide selection of brands, which helps insure that you get the right turbine to match your needs, manufacturers include: Vesta, Windworld, ACCA, Bonus, Siemans, Nortank, Miccon, EWT – Direct Wind, and GAMESA.


The list of services that Enerpower provide are as follows:
New and reconditionedwind turbine procurement 75kW to 2MW
Wind turbine installationand commissioning
Feasibility studies
Wind measurement
Grid Connection studies and interaction
Planning Permission
Project management
Project finance and draft budgets
Service and project optimization agreements
ESCO agreements also available (zero capital costs)
Power purchase agreement







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