Ireland has the potential to create 10,000 green collar jobs by 2015 and become a major exporter of wind energy to the UK in the years to come, Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Fergus O’Dowd, TD, has informed attendee’s at the Green Growth Forum in Dublin.

In the last week Ireland has signed a major memorandum of understanding between the Irish and UK goverments. This allows the trading of renewable energy between both countries.

O’Dowd rightly believes that the green economy is a major opportunity for growth competitiveness.It is estimated by experts that 10,000 green collar jobs can be created by 2015. This is a new global market that has evolved and we need to take advantage of the opportunity by being more resource efficient and reduce the costs for businesses and consumers.

“We have world-class renewable energy resources in this country, excellence in R&D and innovation, an outstanding natural environment, a talented workforce and a cluster of companies large and small that are leaders in this area.”

“We have the potential to support sustainable economic growth and the creation of those jobs,” O’Dowd said.”

O’Dowd commended the work of the Green IFSC and said there is a public-private working group already at work to put in place sustainable financial solutions to grow Ireland’s export base.

He said the framework will be underpinned by the creation of an Energy Efficiency Fund.

We can generate more wind energy than we need domestically. We need to fully consider how Irish renewable energy resources can be developed for the mutual development of the UK and Ireland.

“By exporting green power we can support employment growth, increase GDP and increase investment opportunities on both of these islands,” O’Dowd said.”

You can read More on the Green Growth Forum here.

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