What "Happened" in renewables last year, 2015?

Enerpower Nominated For "Best Use Of Renewable Energy Source Award 2013" By Sustainable Ireland

Enerpower have been nominated for the “Best Use of Renewable Energy Source Award 2013” by Sustainable Ireland. Enerpower installed a Woodchip Boiler in Thurles Swimming Pool & Leisure Centre.  

550kW Gilles wood chip boiler was installed to replace two existing LPG boilers. 100% of the facilities hot water and space heating is now provided by renewable energy.  As biomass is considered carbon neutral, 390 tonnes of carbon emissions will be saved annually. As woodchip is significantly cheaper than LPG or oil, the move to biomass will reduce the pool’s annual heating costs by more than 50%.Swimming pools and leisure centres offer an excellent opportunity for biomass because of the large and relatively steady heat loads.

Enerpower provided a complete turnkey solution for Thurles Leisure Centre. If you would like further information on Biomass Boilers  please do not hesitate to contact us on 051-364054

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