Biomass Boiler For Camphill, Ballymoney Co. Wexford

Enerpower completed Biomass Boiler Installation at the Camphill Community centre in Wexford.  The Community Centre is a charitable trust that works with children and people who have intellectual disabilities and other kinds of special needs. Between 80 and 100 people live in a traditional farmhouse and modern purpose-built accommodation. There are classrooms, offices, catering facilities and much more. 

Camphill communities are particularly concerned about the environmental as well as the social impact of their work. From this We are delighted to say that Camphill have contracted Enerpower to install a Biomass Boiler in Ballymoney Co. Wexford.  Our biomass heating systems are environmentally friendly because they use this renewable resource rather than fossils fuels, biomass is reliable  and can be stored and used on demand.

Enerpower’s Biomass systems are environmentally friendly because they use this renewable resource rather than fossil fuels. They are carbon neutral and do not contribute to global warming.  Camphill are also aware of the considerable savings in annual fuel bills can be realised as biofuels are significantly cheaper than fossil fuels.

Are you interested in a biomass boiler installation for your business or community centre, you can find out more about Biomass Boilers Ireland

It is also important to note that the upcoming Support Scheme for Renewable Heat  may be able to assist your community project or company with a biomass boiler installation.  You can view more on this scheme by clicking here.

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