Solar pv panel kit for sale

Solar PV panel kit for sale

Solar pv panel kit for sale

Pv panels Ireland cost

Know all the benefits of Solar PV and want to fit Solar PV panels yourself?

We are now selling 3KWp system for just €3500, supply only.

If you are looking to guarantee huge electricity savings for your home, than solar panels may be of huge benefit to you and your home.    It is important when selling your home to know your BER rating, and by installing Solar panels, you can improve your building energy rating ( BER).

By changing over to solar panels, there will be significant environmental benefits, reducing carbon emissions and contributing significantly to the environment with no green house gasses.  Solar Panels are an affordable and sustainable way for anyone to generate electricity.

Domestic solar panels work with a basic component known as a PV cell or solar cell.  This cell converts the sunlight in to a direct current, and a solar power inverter is used to turn this current into usable electricity.  A meter is installed, so that you can see the usage on your solar panels as well as a online portal to view your solar electricity production from anywhere. Click here to view a more detailed picture of the solar pv technology.

There are now grants available to help your install Solar electric panels for your home of €700 per kwp up to max of 4 kwp.  This means the average household could receive up to €1400 to install photovoltaic panels to your home, depending on requirements.

For more information about this grant, please click here.

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