New windfarms to supply enough renewable energy to power over 36,000 homes

New windfarms to supply enough renewable energy to power over 36,000 homes

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The five new windfarms are located at Longmountain and Glenbuck in County Antrim and at Altamuskin, Eshmore and Gortfinbar in County Tyrone. The new facilities will generate a combined total of 73MWs of renewable energy. The two Antrim windfarms will generate 27.6MWs and 9MWs respectively. The three farms in County Tyrone will generate 14MWs, 6.9MWs and 15MWs respectively. 

Combined the windfarms are capable of producing enough electricity to power 36,000 homes. The facilities are the culmination of years of development work and construction. Energia Renewables has invested a total of £600m developing windfarms. The company’s windfarm portfolio now generates over 1,000MWs of green energy. 

Energia Renewables is among the island’s leading providers of sustainable green energy and 25% of Ireland’s wind power is provided through Energia to homes and businesses.

“These developments would not have been possible without the support of the local communities in Antrim and Tyrone and we look forward to working with the community groups into the future. These windfarms operate community benefit schemes run by Community Foundation NI, and will be significant contributors to local authority rates, and have created a number of permanent jobs.”

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