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Enerpower install a 160kw wood chip boiler at Charles River Laboratories

Enerpower Install a 160KW wood chip boiler at Charles river laboratories

A biomass wood chip boiler was installed recently in Ballina Co. Mayo.    The  160KW biomass wood chip boiler was installed at the Co. Mayo offices at the Charles River Laboratories. The 160kW Gilles HPK-RA wood chip Boiler will provide space heating and hot water for the site, ensuring that Charles River are offsetting 100 tonnes of C02 per annum by using biomass and displacing oil usage.

Charles River are passionate about the role that they play in improving the quality of people’s lives, and are focused on ensuring that 10% of their European operations will be powered by renewable energy in 2018.

Enerpower are the main agent in Ireland for Gilles Boilers, the boilers which are 93% efficient can be fed automatically which means less hassle and less mess.  All augers have solid steel shafts to prevent breaking making the Gilles wood chip boilers supplied by Enerpower extremely durable with a product life of over 20 years.

Biomass technology is environmentally friendly because biomass boilers use renewable resource rather than fossil fuels. Biomass is completely sustainable; the biomass fuel supply can be generated quickly from local agricultural/forestry activity. The fuel is produced locally where possible. Locally produced fuel is more environmentally friendly because it doesn’t have to be transported over long distances. By using fuels such as wood chip and wood pellets produced within Ireland, we replace the need to import expensive foreign fossil fuels, improving the security of supply and contributing to national and local economy.

Gilles woodchip boilers can use wood pellets, willow chips or miscanthus in chipped or pelleted form. They can also burn oats, straw, hay, sawdust, waste wood products in certain cases.  More information on the wood chip boiler is available here.

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