Support Scheme to help Install Biomass Boiler in to your business

The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat was launched in December 2017 by Minister Denis Naughten to contribute to Ireland meeting 2020 renewable energy targets. This scheme is to financially support businesses with the replacement of fossil fuel heating systems with renewable energy such as a biomass boiler, which will have a huge impact on your margins and competitiveness in business. Whilst the full implementation plan by the Government is yet to be announced, Enerpower believe that being prepared for its introduction is crucial, by getting your plan in place for the scheme and we can help you with this.

Enerpower have worked closely on many projects using Biomass Technology in various company settings across all sectors including, industrial, pharmaceutical, agricultural, hotels, retail and health sectors.  Our experience will ensure that your renewable energy project is managed with your business and requirements in mind. Enerpower complete four steps to ensure that your renewable energy project is managed and delivered on time, efficiently and within budget. The four step approach is:

Step 1: Feasibility Site Assessment

Step 2: Detailed Review and Implementation

Step 3: Installation

Step 4: Commissions and Maintenance

Step 1: Feasibility Site Assessment

We will complete a feasibility assessment on your site, to establish the technical requirements of your business along with an economic case for your investment. Following this assessment, a full feasibility report will be provided to you. This report will consist of an analysis of your current energy requirement and looking towards growth and potential future energy requirements of your business. We will provide you with an outline design of your biomass boiler requirement along with a project timeline from implementation to commission. You will also receive a budget costing and overview of your estimated future savings.

Step 2: Detailed Review and Implementation

Moving forward with your renewable energy project, we come to the detailed phase whereby we meet and agree your detailed system requirements, reviewing the size of the biomass boiler system required, the type of fuel handling system you require along with detailed biomass boiler specifications, controls and integration’s.

Step 3: Biomass Boiler Installation

Our team are experienced, and we will co-ordinate with you and your team to ensure that all aspects of the renewable energy project are delivered in an on time and efficient manner. All phases of your project will be monitored and managed by our in-house project manager ensuring an alignment with budgets and estimates, liaising consistently with your renewable energy  team at all stages to ensure the project objectives are met.

Step 4: Commission and Maintenance.

At this phase of your project, we look at ensuring that the biomass boiler is fully up and running and functioning to the performance and emissions criteria and requirements. It is also essential that we train your maintenance operators to enure that going forward, they can safely operate the boiler when required. Following a full handover to your project manger, we will look toward the future and enuring that we have a planned and preventative maintenance schedule in place.

Matt Wallace of Wexford Tomatoes, ” We have been working with Enerpower for over seven years in relation to our biomass boiler. We have found the team extremely knowledgeable, and they have shown a commitment and reliability in relation to their service which is second to none. The cost benefits of switching to a biomass boiler have been considerable over the last seven years”

Enerpower is a leading supplier of Gilles Biomass Boiler in Ireland and offer reliable quality products and services using unparalleled energy sector knowledge and industry experience.  The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat is designed to financially support the adoption of renewable heating systems by commercial, industrial, agricultural, district heating and other non-domestic heat users at sites not covered by the emissions trading system. More information on the proposed tariffs is available here.

Our experience will ensure that your renewable energy project is managed with your business and your requirements in mind. We are committed to using biomass fuel to ensure businesses save money on heating and energy and reduce their impact on the environment daily. Enerpower will ensure that your project is managed and delivered on time, efficiently and within budget. For more information on how we can help your renewable energy project please call us on 051 364 054.




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