Renewable Eneergy Technology at Essexford Joinery

Enerpower have installed a 160Kw Biomass Boiler at Essexford Joinery. Essexford Joinery were looking for a renewable energy technology that would suit the needs of the company and allow sufficient drying on wood products.

Founded in 1979, Essexford Joinery has become one of the leading manufacturers of bespoke fire doors and general joinery throughout Ireland and the UK. The joinery workshop produces high quality products manufactured to client’s specifications.

Enerpower is the industry leader in renewable energy technology and biomass renewable energy, as well delivering high quality products and services with an unparalleled sector knowledge guaranteeing business energy savings.  Founded in 2005, Enerpower is now one of Ireland’s leading renewable energy companies and we are committed to using biomass fuel, solar panel technology and wind energy to ensure businesses save money on heating and energy and also reduce the impact on the environment daily.

Enerpower chose a HPK RA 160kw Boiler to meet the needs of the team at Essexford Joinery. This boiler is ideal for the commercial sector and establishing a heating network. By installing a woodchip boiler, Essexford Joinery have the ideal heating version for local heat networks and commercial operations. It is very simple because the fuel is extremely cost-efficient and thus also protects the environment. This system was the perfect it for the requirements of Essexford Joinery.

By looking towards a renewable energy technology for your energy requirements, you can reduce your costs by up to 50% per annum a well as ensuring increased energy efficiency and promoting a positive green image for your company.

If you would like to generate renewable energy for your business and be financially rewarded for doing so, contact Enerpower on 051 364 54. Enerpower can carry out a detailed survey at your property and offer you a bespoke solutions with a renewable energy technology that suits your business and circumstance.

Renewable Energy Technology at Essexford Joinery

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