Following on from the winter of 2017/2018, it now makes sense for us to look towards the cost of installing biomass heating to your business. In winter of 17/18 we have seen Storm Ophelia and the Beast from the East.   During this time, most energy prices jumped as freezing temperatures brought a record demand on heating. During the month of March, according to an Irish Times article, gas prices rose by 7 per cent and electricity prices were up a massive 14 per cent.

Businesses need look at protecting themselves going forward from these price increases and look at the benefits and cost of installing biomass heating to help savings within your business money.

Type Of Heating  Cost Per kWh
Electricity 11 to 14
LPG (Gas) 0.08
Oil 0.08
Biomass  0.04
Piped Gas 4 to 6c
*The price for heating your business will vary depending on your supplier

Regardless of your business, reducing costs and saving money is a priority. The cost of  installing biomass heating technology is dependent on each situation however and can cost more than a fossil fuel system, however by installing biomass boiler heating, this will reduce your overall energy costs by up to 50%.

To assist businesses with the installation of renewable energy and the replacement of fossil fuels, the Irish Government has launched the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat for large  heat demand non-domestic customers.

Enerpower wants to make sure that you are saving as much as possible on your monthly bills and our significant experience and expertise will help secure immediate savings on your energy cost.  Enerpower strive to deliver the highest possible level of savings on your monthly energy bills, if you have any questions on the cost of installing biomass heating and its many benefits to your business, please call us on 051 364 054.


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