2mw Woodchip Biomass Boiler Installation

On Wednesday 26th September, The Irish Bioenergy Association Tour took place. This was a visit to Bioenergy Processing and Heating Facilities.   IrBEA is the association representing the Bioenergy Industry in Ireland. The main objectives of the association are to influence policy makers to promote the development of bioenergy and to promote the interests of their members.

With the summer sun still shining, the group started the day in Kilmokea Country House, the sites visited during the day consisted of both industrial and commercial biomass clients.    By using Biomass fuel, this  will give your business a positive green image as well as reducing C02 emissions by 100%.  Biomass technology is environmentally friendly because biomass boilers use renewable resources rather than fossil fuels. Biomass is completely sustainable the biomass fuel supply can be generated quickly from local/agricultural/forestry activity.Irish Bioenergy Association Tour

First stop of the day was at Wexford Tomatoes, Horeswood Nurseries.  Owen Power, Director of Enerpower, gave a tour of the boiler facilities on site.  Here on show was a 2mw load wood chip boiler, load is approximately 7.5GWh/pa.  Matt Wallace of Wexford Tomatoes spoke with Enerpower previously and said that “the cost benefits of switching to biomass have been considerable over the last seven years”

Next up a talk, from Tom Sheehy who also also have a tour of Clonroche Biomass Supply facilities and answered question on the facilities and activities being undertaken on site.  Biomass fuel is completely sustainable, the fuel supply can be generated quickly from local agricultural/forestry activity.

Before lunch those undertaking the Irish Bioenergy Association tour stopped in to Forest Park Leisure Centre in Courtown Co, Wexford. The boiler on site here is a 550kw Gilles biomass boiler load out is approximately 1.5 GWh/pa.

Following lunch in Kilmokea Country House, there was time for a q&a from Maurice Byrne and from our own Managing Director, Owen Power.  It was a great day and those who attended this day found it very informative in gaining a further understanding and knowledge of biomass technology and how it can be helpful to their businesses.

If you would like to know more about biomass technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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