SEAI Renewable Energy Grants for 2019

Enerpower are now working towards applications for the SEAI Renewable Energy Grants for 2019 .    Opening later this year, grants available through the SEAI can assist and help with the financing your renewable energy project. Through the Better Energy Communities Grant scheme, funding is available for

  • Up to 50% funding for community projects such as community and resources halls and  sports clubs.
  • Up to 30% funding for private businesses, large commercial buildings,  private companies such as hotels and nursing homes.  
  • Funding is also available for charities and housing associations.

Enerpower can assist your application for financing under the Better Energy Community application. Your project must be in relation to the following:

  • Changing your boiler to Biomass (Wood chip / Wood Pellets )
  • Installing Solar Panels to your business.
  • Upgrading your lighting to LED

Other projects fall under the BEC scheme so we would encourage you to contact us if you are considering any renewable energy project for your business to see if Enerpower an assist you.

Enerpower have a long history of being very successful in securing grant funding for businesses.    We manage the whole process so that you can enjoy the savings.  Currently we are laying the groundwork for the SEAI Renewable Energy Grants for 2019 we encourage you to contact us to discuss your project further.  We can work together to put your forward your application for the SEAI Renewable Energy Grants for 2019.

With the SEAI renewable energy grants, grant support of up to €28million is available each year.  This purpose is to support new approches to achieving energy efficiency in Irish communities.   Upgrades can take place across building types to reduce energy use and costs throughout the community

If you would like to generate renewable energy for your business, and be financially rewarded for doing so, contact Enerpower on 051 364 054. Enerpower can carry out a detailed survey at your property and offer you a bespoke solution that suits your business and circumstances.


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