We were delighted to attend the Toys 4.0 Engineers event in association with Waterford Chamber of Commerce and WIT on Thursday 11th October.  Held in the WIT Arena at Carriganore, engineering, technology and robotics were to the forefront for all those who attended.

The event opened by Waterford Chamber of Commerce President Kathryn Kiely and featured a wide range of speakers from CEO of Enterprise Ireland Jule Sinnamon to Paddy Phelan from the 3CEA.

Ms Sinnamon spoke about the great Irish companies that are working within the South East and how innovation is extremely important to grow Irish businesses. The South East is a vibrant and expanding region with 17% growth in employment amongst clients of Enterprise Ireland over the last number of years.

From 3CEA, Mr Paddy Phelan spoke about how we can go low carbon in the future and reduce our C02 emissions. Emphasizing that with the right planning, it is possible to work towards the greater choice of renewable energy sources. Mr Phelan spoke about how the future is looking towards build ex and modular homes. A green building is one that is designed to be environmentally sustainable from construction to maintenance and this is something that should be a focus for the future.  If we look towards this design and concept, we can better achieve our climate goals as a country of sustainable and renewable energy.

With technologies from Solar PV, Biomass Boilers and Wind Turbines, it is out goal at Enerpower to help companies achieve a low carbon future as described by Paddy Phelan from 3CEA.

Also speaking at Toys 4.0 Engineers was WIT graduate and Head of Digital Construction at BAM, Paul Brennan. Mr. Brennan, spoke about the amazing work being completed by BAM such as the new Waterford Courthouse.

Cristian Olaruid PhD, Research Engineer Innovation Exchange also spoke along with Padraig Mc Garry, Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Abbott Diagnostics Longford.

The atmosphere was light and fun, and it was great to meet all those attending as well the other exhibitors who had stands and great “toys” such as VR technologies, robotics and code check technology to name just a few of those in attendance.

Toys 4.0 Engineers was a great event organised by Waterford Chamber and WIT – and a huge thank you for all those representing both who were on site on Thursday.

Toys 4.0 Engineers

Toys 4.0 Engineers

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