State aid for SSRH renewable heat technologies approved

State aid has been approved for renewable heat generation from technologies such as biomass and anaerobic digestion.    The European Union approved the aid this afternoon, Monday 15th April.

Launched by the Irish Government in December 2017, this puts in place a scheme which will support businesses with the replacement of fossil fuel heating systems to a renewable energy solution such as Biomass Boilers for large heat demand non-domestic customers.   Having assessed the scheme, the commission found it to be proportionate as the payments granted to beneficiaries won’t lead to overcompensation in the market.    The Commission concluded that the scheme will “contribute to the EU’s energy and environmental objectives without unduly distorting competition”.

Proposed tariffs previously released are available to view here.   Ireland’s scheme will be open to a wide range of users and beneficiaries will receive operating aid in the form of a payment for the useful renewable heat generated over 15 years.   The scheme is aimed at reducing  energy costs  and will have a huge impact on margins and competitiveness in business.

Enerpower is a leading supplier of Gilles Biomass Boilers in Ireland and we are delighted to see that the European Union has approved the next phase of this funding scheme.  Enerpower have worked closely on many projects using state of the art Biomass Technology in various company settings such as in the industrial and agricultural sectors.     You can click here to take a look at some of our completed projects using biomass technology.    Our experience will ensure that your renewable energy project is managed with your business and you requirements in mind. Enerpower will ensure that the project is managed and delivered on time, efficiently and within budget.

We are waiting for further information on official scheme launch date from Minister Bruton.  We will have update our site with any further available information as soon as possible.



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