Renewable Energy Grant through TAMS is aimed specifically at farmers and remains open until June 2019.   This scheme includes for the first time supports for on farm renewable energy solar pv installation.

Speaking about the Renewable Energy Grant through TAMS, Owen Power, Managing Director of Waterford company Enerpower has said that “the inclusion of solar PV to the farming grant schedule is a significant development and it is crucial for Ireland to work towards climate targets”   Grant aid in this phase is available for 40 % or up to  60 % in some cases to fund a solar system.

Renewable Energy Grant Through TAMS

These new measures with the renewable energy grant with TAMS will assist farmers in saving money allowing capital for further investment in their farm.  Solar PV panels are the most economic, simple and clean renewable energy technology on the market.  Mr Power acknowledges that sustainability is becoming crucial in today’s food market with more and more food producers demonstrating their commitment. He feels that “in order to be competitive, investment in renewable technology is required and Irish farmers should take advantage of this new addition to Renewable Energy Grant through TAMS.

A solar PV system size for a dairy farm of approximately 65kWp combined with a 6kWh of battery storage capacity.  Grant aid in this initial pilot phase will be to fund a 6kWp solar system. Costs are based on the cost of installation of a 6kWp solar system; this includes a battery which is necessary to capture the energy output thereby making it economically viable. At this maximum size the grant provided at the 40% rate would be €6,2000 and at 60% would be €9,300.

Helping businesses transition to renewable energy is Enerpower’s specialty. Working in the industry since 2005, Owen Power says that Enerpower are ready to help farmers nationally to transition to renewable energy. “Our team has the experience of managing successfully renewable energy projects. We are committed to help business in saving money as well reducing their impact on the environment on a daily basis.


Source: Department of Agriculture



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