The SSRH, known as the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat has been launched by the Government.  The SSRH scheme will support businesses with the move towards renewable heat technology. This scheme aims to reduce energy costs for companies and those who take part in this new scheme will receive operating aid from the government.  This scheme which has opened today, Tuesday 4th June will support businesses and farms for up to 15 years for the installation and on-going use of biomass and anaerobic digestion heating systems.

Owen Power, Managing Director of Waterford company Enerpower has welcomed the governments introduction of the SSRH scheme. This is a step forward for the government in assisting the move towards renewable energy and allowing businesses take control of their heating bills. The introduction of the SSRH will bring Ireland a little closer to meeting their European climate targets”

The scheme is open to a wide range of users and beneficiaries.  Those in receipt will receive operating aid in the form of a payment for the useful renewable heat generated over 15 years.  Eligible business includes commercial, industrial, agricultural, district heating, public sector and other non-domestic heat users.

Technology used under the new SSRH scheme will include biomass renewable technology. Biomass is a completely sustainable product, as fuel is generated from local agricultural and forestry activity. Choosing biomass will see businesses reduce energy costs by 50% and C02 emissions by 100%.   Biomass boiler technology will also see businesses protect themselves against future carbon taxes.

SSRH Biomass Woodchip

Biomass Wood Chip

Mr. Power says that choosing biomass and renewable energy will protect businesses in the long term from price increases.  Having worked with large companies such as IKEA, Tesco, Beckman Coulter, Combilift and Charles River, Owen and the Enerpower team understand the how moving to biomass and other renewable energy technologies can benefit businesses.

Sustainability and green credentials are much more than the latest buzzword.  Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious.  Retailers are now leaning more towards demonstrating their green credentials on the shelves and in their businesses.

Helping businesses transition to renewable energy is Enerpower’s specialty. Working in the industry since 2005, Owen Power says that Enerpower are ready to help companies nationally to transition to renewable energy under the SSRH.   “Our experience will ensure that renewable energy projects are managed with the specific requirements of the business in mind. Enerpower have always been committed to using renewable energy to ensure businesses save money on heating and energy and reduce their impact on the environment daily.”  The new grant administered by SEAI is now open.

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