Renewble Energy Partnership

Renewable Energy Partnership

Donegal EUROSPAR leads way on new renewable energy partnership

August 27th: Leading retail brand EUROSPAR has today announced the first installation of solar panels at a Donegal store as part of a partnership developed by BWG and Irish renewable energy efficiency company Enerpower.

The renewable energy partnership with Enerpower was developed by BWG Foods, owners and operators of the EUROSPAR brand, as part of its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of retail businesses on their communities and to encourage independent retailers to improve their green footprint.

The planned installations are due to be completed by the end of September after which it is expected that there will be further uptake of the initiative among EUROSPAR retailers.

EUROSPAR Gortahork, owned by Thomas McClafferty, is the first store to complete the solar panel installation which is expected to see a 15% reduction in the store’s carbon emissions and a significant annual cost saving on energy bills of up to 15%. Further installations are being rolled out to other EUROSPAR stores in Louth and Kilkenny over the coming weeks, as part of the partnership.

Requiring normal daylight to function, the advanced solar panels that will be deployed as part of the scheme are highly efficient and are designed to deliver significant energy cost savings.

Speaking about the renewable energy partnership, Dr John Carty, Projects Director of Enerpower, said: “We’re delighted to have worked with the team at EUROSPAR and with the McClafferty’s in Gortahork to see the first of what we hope will be many installations complete. While industry in Ireland has been slower than other European countries to install solar panels – the fact that a leading retail brand such as EUROSPAR has taken a lead in encouraging its retailers to consider solar panel installation gives encouragement that many more will follow.”

Speaking on behalf of EUROSPAR, Managing Director, Malachy Hanberry said: “We are delighted that EUROSPAR in Gortahork is the first store to connect as part of this exciting partnership. As a leading retail brand, EUROSPAR is committed to seeking out new opportunities and innovations that will help us and our retailers to reduce our carbon footprint. We look forward to other retailers benefiting from this collaboration as they seek to future-proof their businesses from an environmental impact perspective.”

EUROSPAR Gortahork Owner, Thomas McClafferty, said: “We are delighted with this addition to our EUROSPAR supermarket. That we will benefit from significant savings while also helping the environment is a great bonus and I am thrilled that we are the first EUROSPAR supermarket in the estate to have this innovation.”

Owen Power, Managing Director of Enerpower says “we are delighted to partner with BWG on this renewable energy project.   The EUROSPAR team are highlighting their commitment to the environment with the reduction of carbon emissions and allowing a saving on energy costs across the company. The team are taking charge and leading the way with this partnership.  As the demand for energy rises, the cost of energy is rising too, changing to a renewable energy source can ensure that businesses reduce or eliminate their exposure to rising prices”.

Enerpower are focussed on helping businesses to transition to renewable and sustainable energy sources.   Enerpower have installed and maintain Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Biomass Boilers and Wind Turbines for some of Irelands largest and most recognisable brand names such as Flahavans, Ardkeen Quality Food Store, Tesco, Kepak and the HSE.

The Enerpower team has extensive industry experience with a proven track record in project management and bringing energy savings to businesses nationwide.  Enerpower believe that by focusing on renewable energy resources businesses will save money on heating and energy and reduce its impact the environment.  With such a long list of benefits, no business can afford not to consider the change over to solar and renewable energy technology.



Renewable Energy Partnership

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