Rooftop Solar Panel

Rooftop Solar Panel installation is currently underway at Lidl Newbridge.

The rooftop solar panel installation will be Ireland’s largest solar pv installation.    This rooftop solar panel installation consists of 4364 solar panels.       These solar panels will produce 1,011929 Kilowatt hours of energy for Lidl at their new distribution facility.      Enerpower are delighted to take the opportunity to share some photographs and video from the installation team on site.  Previous on site photographs are available here.


Having an image of environmental responsibility is a must for companies.    Customers often consider that products that are produced in a more sustainable way are of superior quality.     Implementing green practices will help businesses become leaders, giving them a much-needed competitive advantage.

By making the transition to solar pv panels, lidl and other businesses are ensuring that they are reducing their impact on the environment.  The main benefit of choosing solar energy is that it will not produce any pollutants.  This installation will reduce the carbon footprint of lidl by 473 tonnes annually,

Enerpower are delighted to share some photographs of the rooftop solar panel installation at Lidl Newbridge.       Lidl are setting an example for others by choosing renewable energy.      This will allow Lidl to reduce their carbon emissions and make saving on energy costs.

Enerpower are industry leaders and experts in energy efficiency and renewable technologies.   We consistently deliver high quality products and services.    We specialise in installation Solar PV, Roof top and ground mounted as well Biomass Boiler and Wind Turbines.  We have worked with some of the country’s most recognisable brand names including Cahills Cheese, Flahavans Oats, Tesco and Kepak.

If you are interested in learning more about how your business can make the change to renewable energy, contact us today on 051 364 054


Read more about Lidl’s Sustainability programme, A better Tomorrow







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