Biomass Heating Advantages

Advantages of biomass heating are plentiful, it is completely sustainable; the fuel supply is generated quickly from local agricultural or forestry activity.  Choosing biomass heating for your business will allow you to avail of  considerable savings in annual fuel bills as biofuels are significantly cheaper than fossil fuels.

Biomass is reliable; it can be stored and used on demand. Enerpower’s Biomass systems are environmentally friendly because they use this renewable resource rather than fossil fuels, biomass is reliable; and it can be stored and used on demand.

Examples of Enerpower customers who have already chosen this heating option for their business are: Beckman Coulter in Clare, Combilift Monaghan, Courtown Leisure Centre and Wexford Tomatoes in Wexford.

Benefits of biomass
•    Up to 50% Reduction in energy costs
•    100% Reduction in C02 emissions
•    One system meets 100% of heat requirements
•    Buildings meet new building regulations “Part L”
•    Future proof against Carbon tax
•    Fully integrated into building control system
•    Increased energy efficiency
•    Positive green image

Where is biomass heating used?

Woodchip boilers can be used to heat a large house, several houses or in situations where additional heat is needed for another purpose. Woodchip boilers are the ideal solution for many buildings which require space heating or hot water. This includes: shops, schools, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, offices, food producers, to name a few.    Pellet boilers are typically automatically controlled and allow continuous pellet combustion in which the fuel is fed automatically into the combustion chamber by means of an auger or blower. Most pellet boilers are equipped with a pellet storage bin which is sufficient for a few months of operation.  Gilles wood pellet boilers are installed in: town halls, hospitals, domestic houses, colleges & schools, youth hostels, nursing homes, offices

The cost of biomass Heating

Businesses need look at protecting themselves going forward from these price increases and look at the benefits and cost of installing biomass heating to help savings within your business money.

Type Of Heating  Cost Per kWh
Electricity 11 to 14
LPG (Gas) 0.08
Oil 0.08
Biomass  0.04
Piped Gas 4 to 6c
*The price for heating your business will vary depending on your supplier

Regardless of your business, reducing costs and saving money is a priority. The cost of installing biomass heating technology is dependent on each situation however and can cost more than a fossil fuel system, however by installing biomass boiler heating, this will reduce your overall energy costs by up to 50%.

Enerpower are an Energy Services Company (ESCO), which means that we can offer several innovative financial solutions for your biomass heating system.  More information is available here or by calling us on 051 364 054

The Irish Government has launched the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat putting in place a scheme which will financially support the replacement of fossil fuel heating systems with renewable energy such as Biomass Boilers for large heat demand non-domestic customers.

Looking for more information on your specific project, call us today on 051 364 054.

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