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Solar Photovoltaic Panels are becoming more and more popular for business to chose when looking at renewable energy options within commercial setting. But did you know that by looking towards this renewable source of energy for your business could save you money.

Solar Photovoltaic Panels also known as Solar PV can be a roof mounted solar installation or a ground mounted solar array.

Solar Pv System works by converting sunlight into a direct current. Solar Photovoltaic cells will work on sunlight rather than heat from the sun.  A solar inverter is used to turn this current into usable electricity. Ireland has the same annual irradiation levels as many parts of central Europe, making the photovoltaic panels the most efficient solar panels.  Inverters are used to turn this current into usable electricity and meters are used to show you the output of your solar panels (as below).

Advantages of solar power

  • Reduce your electricity overheads – generate free electricity
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Finance & Grants available make it easy to generate long terms savings and quick pay back.
  • Maintenance free
  • Gain green business credentials

Enerpower customers who have already chosen this option are: Cahills Cheese in Limerick, Grantstown Nurseries and Ardkeen Quality Food store in Waterford. As well Flahavans Oats in Waterford.

At the family owned, Flahavans Porridge company, Enerpower installed a 130 kWp rooftop mounted Solar Photo Voltaic systems allowing Flahavans to reduce their energy consumption significantly on an ongoing basis for the future. Given their commitment and focus on renewable energy, changes in electricity prices will not affect Flahavans.  This project shows how commercially viable solar photovoltaic has become for Irish businesses looking to consolidate their future expenses when it comes to energy

Finance for Solar Panels

With many businesses now looking at options to reduce the cost of energy, the cost of Solar energy is fast reducing track and is expected to continue reducing over the next few years.  Consequently, Solar Panels have indeed a high promising future both for economic viability and environmental sustainability. Solar panels are one of major renewable energy systems that are promoted through government subsidy funding (FITs, tax credits etc.); thus financial incentive for PV panels make solar energy panels an attractive investment alternative. Solar Panel grants of up to 30% are available to private businesses,  large commercial buildings,  private companies such as hotels and nursing homes through the Better Energy Community scheme.

Enerpower are an Energy Services Company (ESCO), which means that we can offer several innovative financial solutions for your solar pv systems.   More information is available here or by calling us on 051 364 054

If you would like more information on SOLAR PV and how it can be beneficial to your business, contact us today on 051 364 054.

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