Think Green !

” To make sure we are best-positioned to access the opportunities out there, a new approach is essential.” Words from Grace O’Sullivan MEP.   Featured in the latest edition of the Network Magazine from Waterford Chamber, Grace O’Sullivan MEP talks about the Greening of Waterford and the Waterford Green Deal.  As part of this feature, Enerpower Managing Director Owen Power created a list of things that companies can do straight away that will make themselves greener.    The good news is that creating a green programme doesn’t have to cost a fortune for your business.


  1.  Create a company culture with green thinking

Engage with your employees and create efficiency goals.   This is a great way to engage your employees with the overall company goal but will also ensure that you get wide range of ideas and support for your sustainability initiatives.    Make it fun and celebrate successes.

  1. Recycle

Ensure you have recycling bins in each office at designated locations. This is a super simple way to make your company green.   Mini recycling trays on desks are another good idea. Employees can empty these into larger office recycling bins at the end of each day for maximum ease of use.  Lead by example and your staff will be recycling too.

  1. Create a Green Procurement Policy

This means sourcing good and services that are produced in a sustainable way.   Create a policy that is in line with your company ideals, which might include reducing wate, lowering greenhouse gas emissions, conserving energy and water and using renewable energy sources.

  1. Turn off the heat and lights

Make a rule that everything must be switched off when leaving the office overnight at the weekend and that lights should be turned off when not in a room.  Make it interesting by asking people to donate to an environmental fund if they forget.

  1. Embrace renewable energy

Organisations of any size can make the change to renewable energy. A range of technology from solar, wind and biomass are available to businesses.  By making the change not only will you reduce the carbon footprint of your business, but you are also saving money on the future operating costs of the business.  If you would like to speak to a member of the Enerpower team about how you can make the change and what options are available to you, please contact us on 051 364 504 or email

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