Energy Audit

Free energy audit launched today by Enerpower aims to assist businesses in choosing the right renewable energy product and financing for their business.    Companies large and small are increasingly turning to renewable energy for their energy needs as they are seeing the benefits of lower energy costs and operational savings.   In addition, companies are reducing their emissions and their impact on the environment as well as seeing the added benefit of marketing opportunities as a green company.

The aim of the energy audit tool is to help businesses determine the opportunities that lie within to change to a renewable energy source that will meet the specific needs of their business. Speaking about the launch of the new tool, Managing Director of Enerpower Owen Power said that “ this process will be beneficial to many companies as it will help highlight the operational cost savings that can be made by making that transition to renewable energy”

Enerpower will provide participating companies with a full proposal identifying costs and savings involved in installing and commissioning a renewable energy technology. The full report will also highlight the appropriate grant funding and financing options available to businesses.   If a company wishes to move forward with a renewable energy source, Enerpower can also assist in arranging finance for businesses.

Enerpower is the industry leader in energy efficiency and renewable technologies in Ireland, delivering high quality products and services with unparalleled sector knowledge guaranteeing your business energy savings.  Enerpower is committed to using biomass fuel, solar panel technology and wind energy to ensure that businesses will save money on heating and energy to reduce its impact on the environment daily. Together the Enerpower team has extensive experience in industry with a proven track record in project management and bringing energy savings to businesses nationwide.  Enerpower customers include Tesco, BWG Eurospar, Beckman Coulter, Combilift, Kepak and Ardkeen Quality Foodstore.  Most recently Enerpower have installed Ireland’s largest solar array at Lidl’s National Distribution Hub in Newbridge.  Enerpower believe that by using and focussing on renewable energy resources, businesses will save money on heating and energy and reduce its environmental impact daily.

To avail of this free energy audit, simply log on to and submit your details to the trained auditor who will contact you with a tailored proposal.   For more information visit or call 051 364 054.


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