Biomass Customers Journey

The installation of a Biomass boiler is a green carbon neutral solution for reducing your businesses energy costs. Installing a 160kw biomass boiler can offset 100 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually. The installation and supply of a biomass boiler is dependent on each individual situation however biomass heating technology can save your business up to 50% on your heat costs.

At Enerpower our specialised biomass team can help businesses to select a biomass boiler that is the best fit for their business. Our team will review the heating demand and identify a cost-effective biomass solution that not only saves money but increases the efficiency of an operation. This process involves our specialist team reviewing a current heating set up and site requirementsBiomass boiler during the free audit process. Following this step, they will identify the best biomass boiler solution for specific requirements and propose a design that is best suited to the site. Our team will then work with a client to identify the most appropriate financing options for them.

By working with the client, the specialised biomass team will identify the best financing options available including grant funding, SSRH (Support Scheme for Renewable Heat) and ESCO (Energy Services Company) options. Our experienced team will take care of the application process and any administration that may be required.

Enerpower have a full team of engineers and architects who will work with the client to design the most appropriate solution to their specific requirements. After the design phase the biomass team will look after any administration processes should it be required including planning permission and permits. Our team of architects and project managers have years of industry experience and will take all the hassle out of the process for the client.

During the installation process we work closely with the clients and our partners to ensure the that work is completed to the highest standard. Our specialist team of engineers and project managers will ensure that the work is completed on time and to the satisfaction of the client. Once the boiler is installed Enerpower can provide the client with supply of high-quality biomass fuel and regular maintenance. This ensures that the boiler is working at optimum efficiency further reducing your annual energy costs.

Let Enerpower help you reduce your energy costs while making a positive contribution to society and the environment. Take the first step today by applying for a free renewable energy audit by using the link below.

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