Distilleries Renewable Energy

Over recent years distilleries around the world have seen a movement towards renewable energy. This movement has been driven by three main factors, social and environmental responsibility, and the ability to source locally grown sustainable fuels. This movement has had a positive effect on the environment and promoted rural employment.

The largest energy consumption in the process comes from the steam required for the stills. The steam is used for boiling the grain and is usually generated from gas or oil boilers. The consumption of fossil fuels at this point in the process leads to the largest contribution of carbon emissions in the production of spirits. The use of fossil fuels also leaves an organisation exposed to the risk of price volatility.

The installation of a biomass fired steam boiler to replace a fossil fuel boiler has a dramatic effect on the carbon emissions and operational costs. For example, the installation of a 4MW biomass fired steam boiler can cut carbon emissions by 90% and reduce operational costs by 30%.

By-products of the process such as draff can also be reused by a biomass boiler when mixed into wood chip as boiler feed stock. The ability to consume by-products of the process further reduces the operational costs of spirit production and reduces waste. This by-product simply must be dried or pressed before use. Then the by-product is mixed in with the wood chip can be directly consumed by the boiler to produce steam.

The positive effects of a biomass steam boiler do not just stop at the distillery gate. The installation of a biomass boiler can also have a positive effect on the local community. The ability the use locally sourced and sustainably grown timber to produce wood chip is a great opportunity to boost local employment.

In a time in history where global issues are affecting local communities it is imperative to make a positive lasting change in industry. The reduction of carbon emissions driven by locally sourced fuel is a change that will be felt by generations to come. Support local, supply local, power local.

Click here, to take a look at other distilleries world wide who have made the change to renewable energy. If you would like to know more about how installing a biomass boiler can help your business, call a member of our team today on 051 364054.


Distilleries Renewable Energy

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