Renewable Energy in Food Production

The use of energy in food production is an important input in all aspects from growing, processing packaging, distribution, storing, preparing and disposing of food.   Switching to renewable energy in this sector makes good business sense; it saves money, provides a competitive advantage, enhances your reputation and plays a part in reducing carbon emissions.

Those who take the initial step to using renewable energy in their production are leaders in their sector.   Once others see the possibilities that exist in renewable energy they too will follow.     Food manufacturing consumes a lot of energy and the majority of fuel used is fossil based. Costs are regularly increasing and this has a direct impact on the energy bills of many food producers.  Ever increasing energy prices, combined with a need to produce with a low carbon footprint means food producers are facing an increasing financial and social pressure from their customers and the public to improve their energy efficiency.

 In September 2019, Enerpower attended the National Food & Drink Conference at the Citywest Convention Centre and met many businesses who are choosing renewable energy.  Many are using this energy in their processes as way to reduce their operating costs.   At the event our Projects Director John Carty spoke to many food producers and operations managers about how choosing renewable energy such as solar panels for the roof of their business allows businesses to not only generate free electricity but to reduce the business impact on the environment.

As a turnkey provider of renewable energy, Enerpower are delighted to have worked with many food producers to ensure that their products are grown and processed with the use of renewable energy.  In most recent times Enerpower have worked with

 These are just a selection of the clients that Enerpower have worked with who have chosen to use renewable energy in food production.

Many businesses are looking towards renewable energy in food production and many are also availing of many financial supports that are available such as the Better Energy Community funding.  This funding will provide businesses with additional supports to install solar pv and help to significant reduce the return on your investment.   The first step for any businesses is to conduct an energy audit and Enerpower   will provide a free site assessment and technical report for each solar PV installation.  Call us today to learn how your business can help the environment.

 renewable energy in food production

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