Solar PV Generation

Manufacturing facilities all over the world are looking to reduce operational costs, reduce waste and add value. To achieve this many organisations will introduce operational excellence programs. The key focus of these programs will be reducing operational costs, and the question is how can this be achieved while still adding value to an organisation?

By investing in renewable energy technologies an organisation will immediately start reducing their utility costs while also reducing their carbon emissions. The reduction of carbon emissions is a great win for any organisation due to the positive environmental and social impact. These technologies will ultimately help any manufacturing process to become more sustainable.  The more sustainable a manufacturing process is the more future proofed it becomes.

The installation of a biomass boiler can help reduce energy costs by up to 50% and can make an immediate impact on carbon emissions. Combilift based in Monaghan partnered with Enerpower to install a 1MW biomass boiler to provide heat for their manufacturing facility. This installation helped Combilift reduce their operational costs while also reducing their carbon emissions. The wood chip consumed in their boiler is also locally sourced from sustainably managed forestry. The switch from fossil fuels to biomass is also protecting Combilift from fossil fuel price volatility and has future proofed their business.

Combilift is one of many examples of organisations that Enerpower have helped achieve their goals of operational cost savings and improvement.  Request a FREE renewable energy audit today and see how Enerpower can help your organisation achieve their goals.


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