Enerpower are delighted to have worked with Tipperary County Council for the installation of solar panels generating over 250kw of renewable energy across 4 sites.

The installations have taken place at Roscrea Leisure Centre, Thurles Municipal District Offices, Thurles Leisure Centre and Ballaghveny landfill site in Roscrea.   This installations will now generate the equivalent energy to power 50 homes. At the site in Ballaghveny, the power generated will be used on site, however any unused energy will be exported on to the grid with Community Power buying and selling this clean power to their customers.

“It is our vision that every citizen and every community in Ireland can have the opportunity to really be active participants in the energy transition,” said John Fogarty, a co-founder of Community Power. “For us, that means inspiring people to build their own renewable project, whether on a farm or on a roof, and then buying and selling that clean power to and from themselves.”

“The installation of the solar panel arrays at this landfill in Tipperary is a great example for other local authorities to use such sites to generate renewable energy and reduce energy costs,” said Marion O’Neill, head of environment at Tipperary County Council.

Engineers from Tipperary Energy Agency designed and managed the installation of the project, with the support of Tipperary County Council and Interreg NWE. The panels directly convert the sun’s light into electricity and have a lifespan of 25 years.

Speaking about working with Tipperary County Council Enerpower Projects Director John Carty said “Tipperary County Council have shown great leadership in looking towards renewable energy for their future energy needs. Consistently solar power has proven itself to be a more cost beneficial option for many businesses when it comes to their energy needs”

Enerpower are full EPC contractors and have experience in working in many sectors of industry including manufacturing and retail.



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