Solar Panel System

Enerpower are delighted to have recently completed a 150KW Solar Panel System at the newly opened Lidl store in Kanturk.  The system will greatly reduce the energy consumption of the store located on the Banteer Road in Kanturk,

Lidl will now ensure that they are generating their electricity in a clean and sustainable way.   As a member of the Bord Bio Origin Green Programme,  Lidl have committed to a five year sustainable development plan with numerous targets that Lidl reports on each year.

All of Lidl’s new concept stores are built using a range of strategies to reduce environmental impact.  The Lidl Kanturk store has over 400 375watt solar panels which will contribute greatly to the store reaching its targets.

You can read more detailed information on this project here.   Or if you would like to know more about installing solar panels for your business, please give a member of the team a call on 051 364 054

150KW Solar Panel System

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