The European Commission will today launch a raft of proposals aimed at steering Europe to meet its climate goal of reducing carbon emissions by 55% by 2030.  The proposed legislation is designed to decarbonise large parts of the European economy through binding legislation, including a range of new taxes on fuels and an overhaul of renewable energy rules.

Ranging across eight different policy areas including – biodiversity, sustainable food systems, sustainable agriculture, clean energy, sustainable industry, building and renovating, sustainable mobility, eliminating pollution and climate action – the deal represents an unprecedented effort to review more than 50 European laws and redesign public policies.

The signature policy of this Commission is the European Green Deal, which aims to make Europe the first carbon neutral continent by 2050.

The European Green Deal will improve the well-being and health of citizens and future generations by providing:

  • Fresh air, clean water, healthy soil and biodiversity
  • renovated energy efficient buildings
  • healthy and affordable food
  • more public transport
  • cleaner energy and cutting edge clean technological innovation
  • longer lasting products that can be repaired, recycled and reused
  • future proof jobs and skills training for the transition
  • globally competitive and resilient industry.

Many businesses today are playing their part to reduce carbon emissions and making the change to renewable energy.    Making the change is not only of great benefit to our climate but also to business overheads and operational costs.   In addition to this, consumers are more conscious of climate and making the right choices when they are purchasing products, many businesses are gaining additional business because they are displaying their green credentials.

If you are confused about where to start in your business, why not call a member of the Enerpower team and avail for a free renewable energy audit.  This energy audit will help determine where opportunities lie within your business to make the change to a renewable energy source.  During this process, your dedicated representative from Enerpower will review and analyze your current energy usage.  This will help determine where savings can be made and choose the most cost effective and efficient method of renewable energy for your business such as biomass, solar pv or wind turbine.  Call us today on 051 3640 54 to make your appointment.



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