How Enerpower can help your business provide energy savings.

Enerpower have assisted many companies in reducing energy savings and reducing their carbon footprint to name a few; Sam Dennigan, Eli Lily, Kepak, Panda. Each company has different requirements and needs regarding the renewable technologies they wish to install but all have the same outcome to achieve.

Enerpower have been involved in the development, engineering and maintenance of Ireland largest commercial Solar PV projects and have installed Solar PV panels for some of Irelands largest companies such as Tesco, Lidl, Eli Lily. Enerpower is the industry leader in renewable technologies and energy efficiency, this has been achieved by delivering high quality products and sector knowledge enabling companies to reduce their costs.

An Enerpower representative will conduct an energy audit by analysing and reviewing your current energy usage. This will determine where energy savings can be made and also choose the most cost-effective method of renewable energy for your company.

Enerpower have been a steppingstone in helping companies achieve their sustainability goals and reduce electricity by installing renewable energy technologies such as Solar PV and Wind Turbines, Biomass Boilers. Each renewable technology carries different functions; Biomass Boilers are beneficial in reducing your carbon footprint but will also reduce your heating costs and additionally saving you money. Solar PV panels will help your company become independent of electricity, as the solar panel generate their own flow of electricity from the sun as well reducing emissions and carbon footprints. Wind Turbines will allow your business to convert wind energy into electricity in order to power your site again reducing your business costs.

With the excellent design of our renewable energy systems specific to each company’s requirements, Enerpower have majorly helped reduce the carbon footprint of many companies whilst also reducing their operational costs to save money in the process.

Interested in learning more about how renewable energy can help your business reduce energy costs- why not talk to our team on 051 364054 or email us on


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