Wind energy technology is now well proven and reliable. Wind Turbine energy is clean energy and by installing a wind turbine it can significantly reduce your electricity costs. The energy produced from wind turbines won’t dirty the air as they do not emit pollutants, this in turn means less acid rain and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Wind Turbine energy allows you to power your company’s facility while also making additional revenue on any excess electricity generated.

Did you know that in 2018 wind turbines provided 85% of Ireland renewable energy?

The blades of the wind turbines rotate when they are hit by the wind, these winds do not have to be strong as they will start turning at a wind speed of 3-5 meters per second. Therefore, the wind turbine will begin to operate effectively with a gentle breeze. The faster the wind blows, the more electricity that is generated making Ireland the ideal location for wind energy. If winds are too strong, wind turbines are programmed to shut themselves down in order to prevent any damage being caused. Ireland is guaranteed wind all year round, making wind power a reliable and effective renewable energy source for companies on the island.

The size of the wind turbine required by your company will vary on the demand profile of your site. Typical wind turbines will range from 100kW to 2MW in size depending on your company’s needs.

Advantages of Wind Energy for your company.

  • Wind Energy is a natural renewable energy source: – ensuring that the environment is uncontaminated, and clean and reduces the use of coal and fossil fuels which are the origin of greenhouse gases that cause pollution and global warming.
  • Wind Energy is one of the cheaper renewable energy sources: – the energy itself is free and maintenance costs have decreased due to wind energy becoming more widely used.
  • Low Operating Costs: – as there is no associated fuel costs.


Wind energy is an effective renewable energy source which will allow you to reduce your impact on the environment whilst also savings on your energy costs as wind turbine in Ireland can reduce your electricity cost by approximately 50%.

Enerpower offer a wide range of brand for wind turbine energy, ensuring that you get the right turbine match for your company’s needs and requirements.

Why not make the change to Wind Energy as the benefits speak for themselves. If you would like to find out more on what Enerpower can offer your company, please give us a call on 051 364054


Enerpower have installed Wind Turbines for Kepak, Flahavan’s Oats Waterford, Tesco Donabate.


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