Castle Paints are now leading by example as they have taken the move towards renewable energy for their company

According to SEAI the public sector emits an estimated 2 million tonnes of Co2 annually. It is evident that the public sector must begin to make the changes necessary to meet Ireland 2030 renewable energy targets. Castle Paints are now leading by example as they have taken the move towards renewable energy for their company. Castle Paints are committed to improving their impact on the environment by installing solar panels to produce their own flow of electricity, but they have also made other changes within the company such as aiming to use recycled and renewable plastics throughout their production line.

Enerpower have successfully installed a solar PV  array on two units at Castle Paints facility. 22.5kWp system was installed on the roof of Castle Paints main shop and another 22.5kWp system was installed to the roof of their warehouse. Castle Paints now enjoy the benefits of this installation. Enerpower had full control of the design, install and commissioning of this project. The solar PV system has generated over 8MWh of renewable energy for Castle Paints facility. This 22.5kWp solar installation has also resulted in Castle Paints avoiding 8.85 tons of Co2 emissions, this is the equivalent of planting 484 trees.

To read more about Enerpower Solar installation at Castle Paints Facility click here

It is evident that Castle Paints are actively committed to improving the environment and making Castle Paints a more sustainable company. It is great to see companies like Castle Paints becoming more aware of what impact their companies are having on our environment. Enerpower are thrilled to have helped Castle Paints on their way to achieving their sustainability goals and reducing their impact on the environment.

Enerpower are Ireland Leading Renewable Energy Company and if you would like to learn more about the transition to renewable energy please visit our website  or call today on 051 364 054


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