With the winter months approaching, it is very important that your Biomass Boilers are professional maintained. It is essential that your boiler is serviced annually in order to keep your system running effectively. With an efficient boiler, you can save money every year on your heating bills. Biomass Boilers are incredibly reliable once maintained. A regularly maintained biomass boiler can have a lifespan of approximately 20 years.

The colder days are on their way so ensure that your biomass boiler is working to its maximum output. Not only will a service improve the safety but will ensure the highest possible efficiency level which in turn leads to saving for your business. The last thing any business needs is for their boiler to stop working during winter, so why not just play it safe and get your boiler serviced.

A biomass boiler requires the burning of wood chip or pellets, over time these products can build up preventing heat from transferring correctly. Such issue can be easily avoided by having your boiler serviced annually.

Here at Enerpower we advise companies to enter a service and maintenance contract. Ensuring that you have a serve and maintenance contract in place, you are helping to guarantee that your boiler is performing to its maximum output and operating as efficiently as possible. Your Boiler will be less likely to leave your down in those colder months when you most need it.

Enerpower can offer various services from once off service call outs to a regular maintenance and service contract. We can offer you a service tailored specifically to your business requirements.   We offer service and maintenance contracts for: biomass boilers and Natural gas boilers

If you wish to enter in to service contact or are looking for a once off call out. Please call us today on 051 364 054 to discuss your requirements further.

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