Some interesting points made around decarbonisation and carbon neutrality in todays Green Deal Webinar. Incase you missed the Green Deal Webinar hosted by Toys4Engineers, we have compiled a summary for you!

The Green Deal webinar saw Ken Thomas Head Of Engineering at WIT, Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan, Michael Walsh Chief Executive of Waterford City & County Council, Owen Power managing director of Enerpower, Derek Scully from Energia, Grace O’Sullivan, Enterprise Ireland Kathleen O’Regan and TD Mark O’Cathasaigh come together to discuss ways of decarbonising Waterford City and suggest ways in which businesses and the City as a whole can reduce their carbon output.

Minister Eamon Ryan says Waterford as a city is making a standpoint by taking the steps towards carbon neutrality. In addition, he said the government are willing to support cities that are actively trying to change.

Michael Walsh outlined the roadmap for Waterford carbon neutrality, suggesting 6 programme groups that will help deliver this objective. In order for Waterford to achieve carbon neutrality some measures that must be implemented; develop a centre of excellence, financing measures and working together as a community.

Grace O Sullivan argued some very interested points as she mentioned that change is coming as everything is moving to carbon neutrality with European  plans in place to achieve this by 2050. Waterford are actively implementing change, a goods rail has been opened from Waterford to Ballina all these factors play into reducing green house gases.

Owen Power relayed statistics and figures of what Enerpower have achieved. Enerpower have assisted in eliminating a total of 41,750,000 kg of Co2 over the company’s lifetime. From Owen presentation Enerpower are positively impacting not only Waterford but Ireland as a whole as they have completed renewable energy project across the country.

Derek from Energia made a valuable point regarding gas consumption ‘we can not eliminate gas but we can reduce our consumption by implementing renewable energy sources’. He added customers attitudes are changing as they want to be more sustainable’.


If you are interested in contributing to Waterford being the first city to achieve carbon neutrality by investing in renewable energy please call us on 051 364 054.

If you wish to watch the webinar click here.

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