Essexford Joinery profit from onsite renewable energy sources

Enerpower are thrilled to have recently completed the installation of 300kWp Solar Panel Array for Essexford Joinery in Co. Monaghan. The installation of this rooftop solar PV array is part of their commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. Solar Energy is a clean and sustainable solution for energy supply without the direct emissions of greenhouse gases. As PV Solar Panels are environmentally friendly technologies, they will guaranteed to improve your Building Energy Rate (BER). The installation of a Solar PV Array allows your company to become independent from your current electricity provider which eliminates your company’s dependency on expensive electrical power.

A Biomass Boiler was previously installed by Enerpower at their site.  Essexford Joinery have seen the benefits economically and financially of having a renewable energy source on site. With the cost of gas and electricity continuously on the rise, Essexford Joinery will see energy savings all round. Essexford Joinery are now producing their own flow of electricity while also producing their own form of heat through the biomass boiler installation. It is evident that Essexford Joinery are continuously improving the operations of their organisation which in turn helps them meet their sustainability targets.

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Since installation, the solar panel system has generated ­61.14MWh of energy for Essexford Joinery. Along with this, the Essexford Joinery facility has reduced their C02 by 60.94 tonnes, this is the equivalent of planting 3,330 trees.

Enerpower are Ireland leading renewable energy installers while providing solar energy to clients such as Eli Lily, Lidl, BWG, Sam Dennigan. Enerpower has extensive experience within the industry with a proven track record in providing energy savings to businesses nationwide.

Enerpower are delighted to have been Essexford Joinery first choice of renewable energy provider and are thrilled to have helped Essexford Joinery take that step towards renewable energy. If you are interested in making the change to renewable energy, please contact a member of the Enerpower team on 051 364 054


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