Renewable energy is becoming increasing popular among Irish farmers as they embrace these renewable energy technologies as a way to reduce their operational costs and make their farm more sustainable. By implementing renewable energy technologies, those within the sector can not only help combat the effects of global warming and climate change, but  can also make operational savings.

Many Irish farms have already made the switch to renewable energy technologies Solar PV systems will produce electricity or biomass boiler and heat pumps for heating are currently in use on farms all over Ireland. Energy efficient lighting has also been implemented in many cases to reduce consumption.

There are many unique operating costs associated with agricultural businesses. Renewable Energy can help for example solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are becoming more and more beneficial for farmers, agricultural packaging/distribution companies, and other businesses associated with the agricultural sector.

Operating cost can be often overwhelming and a large portion of companies yearly expenditure especially in the agricultural industry. Enerpower can help business reduce their expenditure costs through the adaption of renewable energy technologies such as solar, wind and biomass. Enerpower offer free renewable energy audit for business who are considering making the change to renewables. You can learn more here 

Solar installation such as ground mounted arrays and roof mounted systems are available with roof mounted traditionally of most benefit on farms of any size.

Enerpower are Irelands leading experts in renewable energy sector, call a member of the team on 051 364 054 to help you discover what technologies are best suited to your business and what grants may be currently available.

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