Industrial Biomass Boilers

The high-performance industrial biomass boiler by Hargassner is produced with a stress-free welded construction. The industrial Biomass boilers are the perfect solution for companies who have a large facility to generate heat for. Industrial biomass boilers will meet all your heating requirements. Industrial biomass boilers are designed for permanent high-performance operation. With solutions up to 2,500 kW capacity, Enerpower offer an extensive range of products.

Advantages Of Industrial Biomass Boilers

Magno UF 250-550

  • Heat resistant, fire proof cast alloy
  • Under feed firing technology
  • Radiation vault
  • Dynamic combustion air control

Magno VR 250-600

  • Fully Automatic Boiler
  • Automatic De-ash
  • Forward Grate firing for drying
  • Dual-walled steel housing design

Magno SR 800-2500

  • Forward grate firing
  • Radiation vault
  • Dynamic combustion air control
  • Automatic, pneumatic heat exchanger cleaning

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woodchip boilers 

Servicing your biomass boiler regularly will increase the efficiency of your boiler and save your business money.

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