Commercial Biomass Heating Technology Specialists

Founded in 2005, Enerpower have extensive experience in the installation, commission and maintenance of biomass boilers in Ireland.  Through our partner Gilles, one of the pioneers in the use of renewable energy, we provide industrial and commercial biomass boilers ranging from 12.5kw up to 5,000kw (5mw)

Our team of specialist biomass engineers can provide your business with a turn key solution for your heat and hot water requirements.

Biomass fuel such as woodchip and wood pellet is transferred from the store to a boiler where it is burnt to produce heat. Biomass heating is the ideal solution for many building such as manufacturing facilities, hotels, nursing homes, food producers, offices and many other facilities where there is a requirement for space heating, hot water production, steam production or a combination of these uses.

A 160Kw Gilles HPK-RA wood chip boiler will provide space heating and hot water for an industrial site and ensure that your business is offsetting 100 tonnes of C02 per annum by using biomass and displacing oil usage.

Advantages of Biomass Heating System

  • Operation cost savings with reduced energy costs
  • Significant carbon savings
  • Compliance with climate change legislation
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Positive Green Image for your business


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Types of Commercial Biomass Boilers

Wood Chip Boiler Heating System

A wood chip burned in high-quality heat -resistant ceramic or heat resistant steel, this wood chip boiler is the  ideal solution for manufacturing facilities, food producers and many other facilities, Wood Chip Heating System ranging from 20kw to 5mw is the ideal solution for buildings which require space heating or hot water. Contact us today for more information


Wood Pellet Heating System

A high performance boiler produced as a stress-free welded construction.  The biomass boiler can be installed in hospitals, colleges & schools and nursing homes.  Wood pellet boilers are typically automatically controlled and allow continuous pellet combustion in which fuel is fed automatically into the combustion chamber by means of an auger or blower.  Gilles Wood Pellet Boilers operate at 93% efficiency.  Contact us today for more information



Industrial Biomass Boilers – HPKI-R 180- 2500

The HPKI-R 180-2500 Industrial Biomass Boiler comes with a moving step grate. The Industrial Biomass Boiler is robust and is made from a steel thickness of 6mm or more.  The industrial boiler is the ideal solution for many manufacturing facilities, food producers, nursing homes, colleges and hotels.  The boiler operates at an efficiency of over 93% The heat insulated door at the front swings out completely permitting totally free access for cleaning of all boiler flues.    Contact us today for more information



Industrial Biomass Boiler – HPKI-R 180 – 550

An robust commercial industrial boiler with underfeed firing, this industrial boiler can be installed anywhere that required space heating, hot water or a combination of uses.  The HPKI-R 180 – 550 comes with a long lasting and high quality hybrid motor starter for all 3 phase motors and is the ideal solutions for many facilities such as food producers, nursing homes, colleges, hotels and manufacturing facilities.Contact us today for more information

Take a more detailed look at our Gilles Biomass Boilers here.

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Our Clients

Some of our clients are listed below.  Click on a logo below to learn more about that project.  Other project information is available here.


Commercial Biomass Boiler Support Scheme for Renewable Heat




Support Scheme for Renewable Heat



Tipperary County Council

Biomass Boiler Installation Epa by Enerpower






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Financing your Commercial Biomass Boiler with the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat

With the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH), your business will be financially support to make the transition to renewable energy sources.  The scheme is open to commercial, industrial, agricultural, district heating, public sector and other non-domestic heat users.  The scheme is aimed at reducing your energy costs and will have huge impact on your margins and competitiveness in business.   The maximum tariffs paid will be 5.6 cents per kilowatt hour of energy produced from biomass heating systems. The tariffs paid will reduce with increasing output reflecting the economy of scale associated with larger system.

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Enerpower Services

Enerpower is the industry leader in energy efficiency and renewable technologies delivering high quality products and services with unparalleled sector knowledge guaranteeing you and your business energy saving.  As part of our turnkey solutions Enerpower services include:

Feasibility Study

The important first step in any project is to undertake a feasibility study and determine the best type of system that will meet the needs of your business. Our expert team will meet with you and in turn provide you with a detailed report determining the best boiler type for your business as well projected costs.

Assessment of Heat Demand

Heat demand can be reviewed using your current and previous bills from your suppliers.  We will take in to account any planned energy efficiency measures that you are taking as well as operational changes that will effect demand.

Design & Build

By meeting with key members of your team to determine your specific business requirements, Enerpower will design and build a commercial biomass heating system that will meet the needs of your business.


An accurate project plan is the key to success.  Our installation team include highly trained mechanical and electrical engineers, along with a professional project manager, our team will ensure that you installation runs to the agreed time frame, budget and that all work is completed to a high quality standard.


Commissioning of a commercial biomass boiler involves testing all equipment to confirm that it is operational and meets all the design specifications.    A commissioning certificate will be provided upon completion showing the scope and detail of testing along with the confirmed date of commissioning.


Enerpower offer a full maintenance and after sale service to all our clients.   Servicing your biomass boiler regularly will increase the efficiency of your boiler and continue to save your business money.   We offer a full range of maintenance on all boiler types.


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