Commercial Solar Electricity Solutions

Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels  

Reduce your electricity overheads – generate free electricity

Sufficient roof space makes solar electricity for commercial buildings a good investment. Big or small, your business can benefit from solar panel savings.

Reduce your carbon footprint

A commercial solar installation of 100kWp Solar PV array will generate up to 100,000KWh of solar electricity per annum resulting in a saving of 60,000kg of C02 annually. By installing commercial solar panels your business will reduce its carbon footprint and impact on the environment.

Finance & Grants available make it easy to generate long terms savings and quick pay back.

Number of solutions are available to help fund your solar panel installation

  • BEC – Better Energy Communities Government Incentive
  • ESCO – Power Purchase Agreement allow you to go solar without any capital investment.
  • ACA – Tax incentive is available for companies paying corporation tax and aims to encourage businesses to invest in energy efficient options.

Maintenance free

With a solar pv array you have no mechanically moving parts, this means less breakages and less maintenance. The solar panel package will generate electricity cleanly and quietly.

Protects against future energy increases 

Installing commercial solar panels will help protect your business against future price increases.

Gain green business credentials

Being a sustainable business with commercial solar panels installed can be positive for public relations and a good marketing tool for your business. More and more consumers now check a company’s sustainability before purchasing items to ensure the company is running a sustainable operation.

Finance Options Available

Commercial Solar Panels Energy Service Agreement

Enerpower are an Energy Services Company (ESCO), which means that we can offer several innovative financial solutions for your solar pv systems.   Solar Power Energy is an excellent opportunity and will provide you with a safe return on your investment.

With our tailored ESCO agreement, you will not need any capital investment. Enerpower will fund the design, purchase, install and testing of all equipment on your solar panel installation.   You will pay an agreed monthly fee lower than your current electricity price.   Enerpower remain the owner of your solar panel installation until the agreed period has elapsed and payment made.  Solar energy panels have a lifetime over 25 years, so once you have met the terms of your ESCO agreement, the solar array will continue to generate free electricity for your plant.

Better Energy Communities funding

A government incentive, administered by the SEAI, the Better Energy Communities grant will assist your business with the cost of installation a solar panels to your business.  This is a good financial decision for companies to make.  Investing in a commercial solar panel installation will generate long term savings and quick pay back.  Our team are experienced and successful in the application of funding through the Better Energy Communities scheme.

Enerpower will provide a free site assessment and technical report for showing you the savings that can be made for your business.

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You can learn more by viewing our case studies.


Sam Dennigan and Co. 1.5 Mega Watt Rooftop Solar PV. Click to Enlarge


Wicklow County Council Commercial Solar Carport. Click To Enlarge


Lidl RDC Newbridge 1.2 MW Rooftop Solar Installation

Eli Lilly Solar PV Installation. Click to Enlarge

Free Site Audit

Enerpower can provide your business with a free energy audit to check the suitability of your facility for a commercial solar installation.  We also provide you with a free report showing the savings you can make by choosing solar panels for a commercial building.

Enerpower will provide a free energy audit and technical report for each Solar PV Installation. Contact us on 051 364 054 for more information or email us directly by clicking below.