Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Projects

Enerpower can arrange finance for your company to install a renewable energy solution, no capital outlay required and save your business up to 15% on its heating and provide energy price stability. ESCO or ESCo is an acronym for an Energy Services Company. Enerpower offer a number of ESCO solutions which provide a range of different benefits.

Enerpower offer solutions for your solar pv installation, biomass boiler and wind turbine which will require no capital outlay from you. Enerpower will provide you with a heat supply contract for your installation, meter the amount of kwh of energy consumed and invoice your company accordingly. This will save your business up to 15% on heat and energy costs. Furthermore, you are securing a fixed cost and ensuring a energy price stability.

By choosing renewable energy for your business will project a positive green image. Enerpower monitors and maintains the system’s efficiency. Enerpower maintenance service has 24/7 emergency callout. Enerpower can arrange finance for your company to install a wind turbine, solar panels, wind turbines or heat pump with no capital outlay required. Enerpower will then invoice your business for electricity consumed over an appropriate contract length. A PPA puts you in control of your energy costs and future proofs your company from carbon taxes.

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