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Benefits of Heat Pump

Savings of up to 80%

Commercial heat pumps will reduce your energy costs by up to 80% and ensure your business meets new business regulations.

Improved Air Quality

The heat pump allows for less polluted air.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Commercial heat pumps helps you educe your environmental impact and reduce your contribution to climate change.

Low running Costs

Heat pumps are very cost effective. a heat pump delivers around 4kWh of energy for every kWh of electricity used to power the pump, which makes it 400% more efficient than electric heating.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Heat pumps do not require a lot of servicing which lowers the maintenance costs.

Gain green business credentials

Being a sustainable business with a heat pump installed can be positive for public relations and a good marketing tool for your business. More and more consumers now check a company’s sustainability before purchasing items to ensure the company is running a sustainable operation.

Finance Options Available

Enerpower can provide you with a number of financial options.

Support Scheme for Renewable Heat

The support scheme for renewable heat (SSRH) financially supports businesses to make the transition to renewable energy sources. The scheme is aimed at reducing your energy costs and will have a huge impact on your margins and competitiveness.

Please read more about SSRH Scheme

Better Energy Communities Grant Scheme.

Enerpower will assist all those who wish to apply for a grant through the Better Energy Communities scheme. The applications are scored in accordance with certain criteria. Enerpower manage the whole process and all you have to do is enjoy the savings.

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Grange Gorman Heat Pump

Enerpower can provide your business with a free energy audit to check the suitability of your facility for a heat pump.  We also provide you with a free report showing the savings you can make by choosing biomass boiler for a commercial building.

Enerpower will provide a free energy audit and technical report for each Heat Pump Installation. Contact us on 051 364 054 for more information or email us directly by clicking below.