LED Lights are the most economic, simple and clean renewable technology available for lighting.

We also design and supply professional lighting solutions that transform commercial spaces are are specialists in Energy Saving LED Lighting Technology. By upgrading your old lighting to the latest state of the art energy saving LED lighting you can reduce your running costs by up to 80%.

Our LED Lighting designers are Certified Value Added Partners of Philips Lighting – the global leader in lighting technologies as well as having partnerships with both indigenous and global lighting manufacturers.  We have already completed lighting projects for a diverse range of clients in multiple commercial sectors: Retail, Hospitality, Office, Industry, Showrooms, Car Parks, Forecourts,  and Shopping Centers.

We supply a wide range of technical, architectural, decorative and bespoke energy saving lighting and controls from many of the most popular global lighting brands to clients in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We offer a multi-disciplinary professional lighting services under one platform.

  • Energy saving lighting for new builds, upgrades and retrofits
  • Consultancy services
  • Professional architectural lighting design and specification
  • Supply and delivery of all types of lighting for every space
  • Bespoke commercial design & fabrication
  • 3D Modelling and Photometerics
  • Site Surveys
  • Single and multi site energy audits
  • Energy usage analysis software
  • Lighting Controls
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Support
  • Dialux – the worlds leading software for planning, calculation and visualization of indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Lighting innovations and technologies


Our LED Lights service can:

  • Attract and engage your customers and improve their customer experience
  • Showcase your products at their very best so that they are displayed to ‘Sell’
  • Provide you with an immediate impact on your bottom line business costs and save you up to 80% on all your future electricity energy bills
  • Reduce future operating and maintenance costs
  • Provide you with a ‘payback’ period of only a few years on any money invested in lighting
  • Create better, safer working environments
  • Provide ‘Human Centric Lighting’
  • Reduce your carbon emissions and is environmentally friendly
  • Help you with grants that may be available for lighting or energy upgrades

Save Money by installing LED lights to your business.

Protect yourself against inevitable price rise from energy suppliers.

Can be installed virtually anywhere, call us for an assessment on your property.

Save money and gain a return on your investments with savings to your business costs.

Improve the quality of lighting to your business.

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